Posted by: Apr 30, 2014By MJSJSDC

Keeping Your Assets Safe After Divorce

Today, the Wall Street Journal published an article highlighting one family’s successful attempt to protect their assets during their daughter’s divorce.  Many couples want to provide financial assistance to their adult child when she is going through a divorce, but, as the article points out, this can be tricky.  We have represented many clients who have wanted to receive help from their parents during (or leading up to) a divorce but also wanted to make sure that any assistance would not  be considered either as income or as marital property.

Divorce attorneys Alexis Miloszewski and Jessica Smith can help you navigate this process.  Additionally, we work closely with financial advisors who can assist with handling these transactions.  Please call us at 717.520.4400 or send an email to to discuss your situation.  We would be happy to meet with you either in our Hershey or Mechanicsburg office.